Horsemaster: Beinpflege




Hot dressing

Use: Hot poultice type dressing for external application. ANTIPHLOGISTINE provides an exceptionally effectice warming to treat muscle soreness, tendons, knees …

Directions: Remove lid and heat by placing the container in very hot water. Stir well and apply a thick coating of the hot dressing to the affected area. Reapply if necessary.




Mud for horses

Use: BOUE THERMO REDUCTRICE is a heated mud with reducing agent, rich in minerals, used to eliminate toxins and relax your horse. You can use BOUE THERMO REDUCTRICE after any effort. You can also apply before any training or race to prepare the horse. BOUE THERMO REDUCTRICE can be applied on any part of the body.

Directions: Dilute 1 dose of BOUE THERMO REDUCTRICE for 1 dose of cold or tepid water and apply on the area to be treated (back, legs). Cover with a polyester insulating covering. For the back, add a cover, for the legs add a stable bandage. Let act for 20 to 30 min maximum, then remove with clear water.




Fast acting cooling and tightening gel

Use: Is recommended for use on the legs of racing and competition horses. Arnicaleg gel could be used before or after any exertion and in case of contusion.

Directions: Gently apply onto the legs, tendons...




Leg tightener

Use: TENDILEG GEL is a soft liniment recommended for the legs of racing and competition horses. Arnicaleg gel could be used: In preventive: before any exertion To reduce minor stiffness: twice daily Formulated without harpagophytum.

Directions: Gently apply onto the legs, tendons...




The original poultice

Use: The original poultice of clay, kaolin and minerals for use on the horses legs. is ideal to use after hard work or as a weekly routine application. POUDRE ARMORICAINE® provides fast relief in reducing inflammation, muscular soreness on legs.

Directions: Mix two parts powder to one part water.




Liniment with natural plant extracts

Use: SUPER LINIMENT is formulated with plant extracts as an analgesic and antiseptic tightener for tendons. SUPER LINIMENT provides a quick cooling action great for relieving muscle and joint pain.

Directions: Rub well into sore and painful muscle and joint areas.