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Cartilage Integrity

Use: The Chondroitine sulphate is an organic compound easily assimilated by the horse. It participates in the regeneration, repair and maintenance of arterial surfaces needed for the effort of hard training and competition. An added plus, the Chondroitine sulphate being highly hydrophilic plays an essential role in the formation of synovial fluids thereby lubricating articulations and stimulating the regeneration of damaged cartilage.

Feeding guide: (enclosed scoop holds 3 gr)
1 scoop to be given daily mixed in the feed during 60 days then reduce to 1/2 scoop per day.



Liquid body lubricant supplement

Use: EASY FLEX maintains the horse’s lubrication system and promotes healthy articular cartilage. EASY FLEX contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and essential trace elements needed to support collagen and GAG production.

Feeding guide:
- Horses: 60 ml - 90 ml mixed with the daily for 3 - 4 weeks.
- Maintenance: 30 ml mixed with the daily feed, twice daily.

946 ml dosing bottle: sufficient for 15 days at 60 ml per day



Harpagophytum "Devil’s claw"

Use: HARGOPHYT supports the integrity of the locomotive capacities. HARGOPHYT is recommended for horses and ponies that suffer from joint and muscular problems and is also used as a treatment to aid the healing of equine degenerative bone disease. The harpagophytum is ancestraly known for its natural soothing virtues. HARGOPHYT is a feed supplement to restore flexibility on aging and stiff horses. HARGOPHYT soothes horses subject to stiffening at beginning or end of workouts.

Feeding guide: All class Feed 50 ml after an effort or an important stress. Water should be available at all times 1L dosing bottle
sufficient for 20 days at 50 ml per day

HARGOPHYT should be discontinued at least 48 hours prior to racing or competition.



Cartilage protection

Use: SINOFLEX is a complementary feedingstuff to give daily to maintain healthy joiny. Contains natural extracts delivererd hyaluronic acid.

Feeding guide:
Horses: 14g per day mixed with the daily feed.
1,13 Kg bucket: sufficient for 80 days at 14g per day