Horsemaster: Hufpflege




Hoof coating

Use: GOFERVAL FOURCHETTES is a formula to restore quality of frog, sole and corn. GOFERVAL FOURCHETTES serves as an excellent preventative hoof care, ideal for corns, cracks, split hooves and hard frog when the ground is wet.

Directions: Brush thoroughtly the foot. Apply Hoofcoating with a brush. Apply once daily for 4 days. Continue if necessary. Maintenance use: 2 applications per week




Conditionner for hooves

Use: ONGUENT NOIR hoof oil protects, conditions and moisturises the hooves A soft, easy to use grease that conditions and maintains healthy hooves. ONGUENT VERT contents keratin. Composition: mineral oil, cod liver oil, Neatsfoot oil, Laurel oil Keratine.
Directions: Apply with a brush to the entire hoof




Healthy frog hoof tissues

Use: DRY FLEX takes part in the draining and deep cleaning of frog hoof tissues. DRY FLEX is administered by intramammary syringe to introduce deeply into the center of the frog of the hoof or between the bulbs in order to cleanse damaged fabrics. While drying, DRY FLEX forms a protective film which prevents impurities from returning. The essential oils in DRY FLEX have disinfectant and astringent properties on keratinized tissues.

Directions: Apply with the intramammary syringe provided




High level biotine

Use: BEST HOOF BIOTINE contains biotin, vitamine B and the essential amino acids lysine and methionine, to maintain the ideal level of hoof horn growth. BEST HOOF BIOTINE provides 20 mg of pure biotin per day. For use as a supplement for horses with poor quality, brittle, cracked and damaged hoof horn.

Feeding Guide: (enclosed scoop holds 15g) 2 scoops per day during at least 60 days. For an optimal result it is advised to feed BEST HOOF BIOTIN during 8 to 10 months




Laminitis supplement

Use: PROTECT FOURBURE is a specific hoof and laminitis supplement formulated for horses and ponies. It helps reduce. PROTECT FOURBURE supply maconutrients and plant extracts to help the re-establishment of normal hoof.

Feeding Guide: Preventive: 25 ml daily for one week each month. In case of laminitis: 50 ml daily for one week each month, or more if necessary 500ml dosing bottle: sufficient for 3 months in preventive