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Promote healthy gastrointestinal tract

Use: Preformance horses suffer from one of the most common health problems of gastrointestinal pain. This gastric disorder that gastric ulceration can actually be a cause of poor performance in the sport horse. GASTRIX is formulated to regulate the acidity in the stomach.

Feeding guide:
- Horses: 60 ml mixed with the daily feed twice daily.
- Maintenance: 30 ml mixed with the daily feed, twice daily.

1L dosing bottle: sufficient for 33 days at 30 ml per day
1L89 jerrican: sufficient for 63 days at 30 ml per day
3L78 jerrican: sufficient for 126 days at 30 ml per day




Promote healthy gastrointestinal tract

Use: LIVER LIGHT eliminates the toxic agents in a more efficient manner and at the same time helps to increase the capacity of the horse to assimilate nutritional elements, so that he will always have a healthy hepatic system.

Feeding guide:
20 ml daily mixed with the daily feed for one week




Digestive well being and behavior

Use: PERFORMAID is a source of nutritional metabolites that serve as a rich food source for digestive bacteria. All natural supplement will both enhance ration palatability and increase feed digestibility while being completely safe to the animal.

Feeding guide: enclosed scoop holds 15g
Mix with the daily feed at a rate of:
Foals and ponies: 30 g per day
Horses in maintenance: 60 g per day
Performance horses: 90 g par day

2,5 Kg bucket: sufficient for 41 days at 60g per day
10 Kg bucket: sufficient for 166 days at 60 g per day




Healthy gut function

Use: TRANSITONIX is a supplementary feedingstuff to use regularly to maintain healthy gut function. TRANSITONIX maintains good digestion and intestinal transit. Flaxseed oil is a rich source of Omega fatty acids which are essential for good health and contribute to the stamina required for horses in training. TRANSITONIX also improves coat sheen and appearance.

Feeding guide:
All class of horses: 60 ml per day
Foals: 30 ml per day
Water should be available at all times

1L dosing bottle : sufficient for 16 days at 60 ml per day
5L Jerrican : sufficient for 83 days at 60 ml per day