Horsemaster: Verhalten & Stress





Use: B-QUIET is used for horses or ponies nervous or anxious. B-QUIET may be given when preparing for and during training or competition. It is useful for sales, shows, travel, handling, breaking. B-QUIET is a supplement for “nervy” type horses.

Feeding guide Liquid:
- Horses: 50 ml mixed with the daily feed.
- Ponies and horses of small races: 25 ml mixed with the daily feed.
For best results, give for at least 7 to 10 days as necessary.

Feeding guide Oral paste:
1 full syringe directly onto the backof the tongue 1 to 2 hour prior to the competition. Repeat daily as required.
1L dosing bottle: sufficient for 20 days at 50 ml per day




Regulation of the breeding cycle

Use: OVARY STAB is intended for mares showing difficulties to work, touchy, having bad character, stressed or aggressive mares. OVARY STAB helps the mares to be more listening and more available. OVARY STAB is a complex of plants acting on the regulation of the breeding cycle, with an aim of decreasing the external demonstrations.

Feeding guide: 20 ml mixed with the daily feed, twice daily
500 ml dosing bottle: sufficient for 12 days at 20 ml per day
1L dosing bottle: sufficient for 25 days at 20 ml per day




Digestive well being and behavior

Use: The action of SERENITUDE on the metabolism and the intestinal transit favor the well being and comportment of the horse equally at work or in the stables: stress, aggressiveness, worry, sadness, excessive sweating, weight loss, ticks, … The horse is more calm, stable, less stressed and more available for work.

Feeding guide:
enclosed scoop holds 15g
Mix with the daily feed at a rate of:
15g for each 100kg of weight for 20 days. Repeat if necessary.
1,65 Kg bucket: sufficient for 22 days for a horse of 500 Kg body weight