Horsemaster: Wohlsein


OMEGA 3.6.9


Maintains & enhances body weight

Use: OMEGA 3.6.9 is a unique formulation with scientifically balanced levels of Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids. The optimal balance of oil groups provides all the beneficial effects of feeding oils, improves skin, coat and overall body condition and maintains & enhances body weight.

Feeding guide:
Mix with the daily feed or give directly (in back of horse’s mouth) at a rate of:
- 50 to 70 ml per day for a horse.
- 25 ml per day for a foal or a pony.




Blood circulation stimulant

Use: VENOREGUL is a venous tonic which stimulates the blood flow. Clogging and laminitis are two problems not to be neglected. In these two cases, it is important that blood circulation be optimal.

Feeding Guide:
All horses: 25 ml twice daily for 4 days, 25 ml daily during 4 to 8 days
1 L jerrican: sufficient for 11 days at 30 ml per day
5 L jerrican: sufficient for 55 days at 30 ml per day




Healthy immune system

Use: The Vitamin C has multiple properties and plays an important role for the organism:
- stimulation of the lymphocytes, increasing their capacities to resist and fight against illness
- support of the immune system and increase vitality
- eliminates damaging free radicals produced within the body during oxidation.

Feeding Guide:
Enclosed scoop holds 15 g
All horses: 1 scoop per day (provides 10g of vitamine C)
Young horses: 1/2 scoop per day

500g Can: sufficient for 33 days at 15g per day
2,5 Kg Bucket: sufficient for 10 horses at 15g per day for 15 days




Minerals and vitamins feed supplement

Use: Complementary feedingstuff to provide a full balanced spectrum of essential nutirents, minerals and vitamins compatible with grain diet.

Feeding Guide: (scoop provided)
100 g per day during 5 to 10 days
1,5 Kg Bucket: sufficient for 15 days at 100g per day


MSM Ultra Pur


Natural Organic Sulphur

Use: MSM Pure Ultra is to be used in the event of problems with connective tissue of the joints, respiratory tracts, muscles and hooves.

Feeding Guide: (enclosed scoop holds 5g)
- first 15 days: 2 to 3 scoops per day mixed with feed
- maintenance: 1 scoop twice daily mixed with feed

1 kg can: sufficient for 100 days at 100 g per day


Equisport 4.13


Minéral For Horses

Use: For use as a concentrated micronutrient supplement providing a balanced supply of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for yearlings and youngstocks. An ideal feed balancer to counteract the deficiencies in diets based on cereals.

Feeding guide: enclosed scoop
Mix with the daily feed based on cereals 100 to 150 g.
Yearlings: 50 to 100 g per day.